Friday, January 8, 2010

8/365 {Journal}

Do you journal?

I do.... sometimes.

I am obviously not a great writer, however, I have a lot of thoughts that zip through my head and keep me up at night. I keep a journal next to me at all times to write down lists, numbers, thoughts, ideas or whatever I have running through my head.

I also keep at least one notebook in my purse at all times for when I need my kids to self-entertain. For example at the doctors office. I just pull out some paper and they are happy! They can draw on it, rip it, fold it. It's good for practicing letters for my 4 year old and shapes for my little guy.

I have always love a brand new notebook. There's something that comes with the vast clean pages that makes me excited. It just seems so limitless.... like a full tank of gas. I can go anywhere, write anything.

Today I went to Michaels. They had these BEAUTIFUL notebooks for $1. I bought one for my princess and one for mr. man. They also had little tubes of colored pencils for $1. I probably spent $5 for everything and I'm just couldn't be happier with my purchase. What is something little that brings you happiness?


  1. I love to journal and I have been doing so forever. It is a great release :)

  2. I think that we are going to have to stop by Michael's! Thanks! : )

  3. Great idea with entertaining them with paper!

  4. I always love the smell of a new book!

  5. I love that! I love new notebooks too! I also love a dayplanner with pretty pictures. This year my job gave us one for free. But it was SO boring. I started to enter in work info and I just couldn't. I grabbed Kaishon and we went to the bookstore where I got a lovely one called the Jewish Woman's Day Planner (and even though I am not Jewish, it is PERFECT) I also bought the book Precious while I was there as I have been dying to read it. It is one of the saddest books I have ever written. I will send it to you if you want to read it. Be prepared to cry!