Thursday, January 7, 2010

7/365 {Silly Boy}

This is how the outing went....

You need a haircut. Can you be a big boy and get a haircut today?

Okay Mommy.

We went and he just sat still while his hair got all cut off. It looks a million times better. No more chia pet little boy.

We decided to go down to Hilton Head and take a walk. I told him while we were walking that if he would look at the camera and smile I would get him a special treat...

I got this "cheese"


He did what I asked, so we drove over to Sweet Carolina Cupcakes and he ordered on of these

After the first bite of frosting, I got this...

Aaaahhhh.... a real smile.

More concentration....

And finishing the job.

Well done Man Cub. And I love your new `do!


  1. Haircut is great, he looks so grown up! Cupcakes look divine! LOVE the processing on the first one, they are all great, but the first on is amazing!

  2. Looking so cute with the new cut. Sounds like a great day.

  3. Where, oh WHERE, is Sweet Carolina Cupcakes?? I live in Atlanta but am in Hilton Head 6 or 7 times a year. It looks like a cute, yummy place :) Great pics of your little guy!

  4. Really lovely images. He does look so much more grown up! : )
    Do your kids get tired of the camera too? Kaish has been giving me huge problems with it lately : ) Like last night when I was baking the chocolate chip cookies for his birthday treat he REFUSED to look at the camera at all. And then he got annoyed that I was clicking while he was licking etc. He just wants no parts of it right now. It is a little stressful : (