Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shadow & Light

I always seem to be drawn to brightly illuminated faces. Shadows are beautiful if done correctly, however, I never felt as if I did them "correctly". Mine always ended up being the nasty shadows under my kids eyes shooting in bright sun at high noon. YUCK!

The other night I decided to work with some new (to me) lighting and high ISO. I cranked my 2007 model camera up as high as it would go {ISO 1600} and held a lamp in my left hand to light half of my daughters face. Here is the result.

I love the moodiness of it and the grain. Pretty happy with it. I may even try it again!


  1. Love the highlights in her hair! beautiful:)

  2. Wow!! You did a great job. I love the moodiness too, perfect and beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous shot!!! I love all of your photos... they are so lovely!! I'm a new reader, nice to "meet" you!

  4. Hi! Visiting from Life with Kaishon :) I loved your interview! I used to work at a local Picture People and used to be one of their best customers! I, too, wanted so much more than that from my photos :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Popping over from Becky's site. I'm so glad I did!