Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Willow Lightroom Presets

Have you heard of them? Miss Jessica Paige of One Willow Boutique creates AMAZING Lightroom presets. If you haven't used presets, just download a free trial of Lightroom and you will be hooked! Jessica is just amazing at adding little touches to RAW images in Lightroom and creating magical images with one click!

At least check out her website!

These are out of her brand new FAIRY TALE SET.

SOOC (shot in RAW)

Country Road

Vintage Lace

Sweet Dream

Golden Fields

And here's my confession for today... I did buy Lightroom because of Jessica's presets. I love them and they simplified my workflow by 100%!!


  1. Don't you love them?? I have been waiting for my kids to go to bed so I could play with them tonight -- incredible! Her presets are why I started shooting in RAW :)

  2. Well darn! Now I am gonna have to spend more money, lol! These are great! Now, I just have to learn to install them. Is it fairly easy?

  3. I have been thinking about Lightroom too simply because of how much time would be saved. Thanks for sharing, I might get Lightroom really soon lol.

  4. oh my. gorgeous! I love Lightroom and just got Jessica's other presets - now I need these. You crack me up that you bought Lightroom because of Jessica's presets - too funny.

  5. I don't have lightroom. If I did I would totally get some of these! : ) The reason I don't have it, in case you are wondering, is because I am afraid to add any more stuff to my computer. It is SO slow already. So, for now it is just my ancient laptop, my ancient photoshop elements 3 and NO actions or anything fun : ( I am not in the cool girl club at all!