Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Things

Today... 10 things I love about my little girl.

1. She is sweet. She says the sweetest little things and will give me hugs for no reason. I love that.

2. She is FUNNY.  The child makes me laugh.  She has been saying some things lately that just blow my mind.  Out right hilarious child.

3. She is very smart, but never makes anyone else feel "dumb" in the process.  She is very good at explaining things to help other little kids understand her.

4. She is a leader.  We were told this by her "teacher" in her preschool when she had just turned 1.  Boy oh boy was she right.  She wants everyone to follow her lead and do as she says.  I love it because it will be an amazing quality as she gets older.

5. She has a big heart.  No explanation needed.

6. She is very creative and loves to make things for other people.

7. She is giving.  She came in the other night with an old stuffed animal in hand and said, "Mommy, I want to give this to charity.  Some other little kid might need it and I'm done playing with it."

8. She's a great model for my photography.  Thank Goodness!

9. She's super independent and outgoing.  She has never met a stranger and can adapt easily to any situation.  Being an "army brat" (I hate that term) is okay with her.  She'll just have friends everywhere.

10. She's mine.  All mine.  I'm so lucky.  I love you, sweet girl!


  1. Oh my word. Loved this so much. She is a wonderful child! I am so glad she is yours! I can tell that you love her very, very much!

  2. So sweet. These are all similar to the qualities of her sweet mama!

  3. Your pictures always take my breath away! I wish you were closer to Ocean Isle Beach, NC so we could hook up when we visit my sister! Arkansas is a long way away! :)

  4. All great things!! Also super duper adorable too!