Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun In Savannah

We met some friends at Forsyth Park today for some play ground time and some lunch. It was perfect weather and perfect company.

4 years old can be challenging. When the sun is out at all I get squinty pictures and say... "open your eyes" ... to which I get this

But sometimes, the moment is perfect and I get this...

And then sometimes we meet friends with 5 month old angels and my ovaries go crazy!

Sometimes we smile at strangers and I sneak in a shot that I love

And sometimes I photograph new friends just because they are just too cute not to.

Happy Easter!


  1. Babes, you are DISGUSTINGLY talented! Certainly I count my Halsey encounters as bright spots in this year long doldrum. ~Ali~

  2. Oh my goodness. What a fantastic day. I love your park adventures. I especially LOVE the open your eyes picture. You crack me up! Your kids are so gorgeous. And that baby was pure deliciousness.

  3. Thanks for a wonderful day at the park. Not many people can get my daughter to take such a pretty picture.

  4. Super, super park shots! the open your eyes shot is just so funny! When I ask Taylor for a snile it is always a big cheesy one. I have a post coming up on that soon lol. That baby is so gorgeous! Maybe when hubby comes home you can do something about those ovaries LOL!!! I'de love to see some newborn shots from you!