Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday

There's a new blog carnival over at Life With My 3 Boybarians! It's called SWEET SHOT TUESDAY! Here is my sweet little girl after she stumbled into her closet and pulled out her furry black vest. I'm not sure what the expression is, but it CRACKS me up!

Happy Tuesday

If you get a chance, drop by Darcy's blog... it's wonderful!

life with my 3 boybarians


  1. Oh her expression is priceless! Love the furry vest.

  2. Oh my!!! Love it!!!

    She looks like fun~

  3. I smile just looking at this GORGEOUS photo. her expression is so cute :)

  4. This is a gorgeous pic - and her expression is priceless!


  5. Oh my goodness Catherine. SO freaking funny! I LOVE this : )

    Will you enter a picture next week at Communal Global? We are having a big contest called "Today" and all you need is a picture of 'today' whatever that means to you. You know I am just CRAZY about your pictures. I would be ever so delighted if you entered!

  6. Great picture, Catherine. Love the fur and her EYES. Wow.

  7. lol! It looks like shock and mischief. Either way, too too funny.

    So glad you linked up; thanks for the giggles.