Monday, March 15, 2010


Are you kidding me? It's been a week since I blogged and 8 days since I was able to collect myself into a 365 shot. My computer had some major issues.... I won't get into it. I didn't lose anything other than my mind, so all is well now. Thankfully I had my sweet little brother visit me last week to keep my mind occupied. I think my kids wore him to a frazzle. Here are some of the pictures I took while on blogging vaca.

Happy Monday!

My Brother

Oops... this is him.... {that was the alligator where I do cardio in the morning with my little man}

Little man enjoying his own cardio...

My Princess

And some fun blurring techniques I'm learning in my light class.

Clearly playing with the colors as well.


  1. wow! I really needed a good picture fix! You have been gone forever! So you do cardio with the aligator? LOL! Do you live in Florida? love your photos. Where are you taking your light class? Pleaes tell me online so I can get in on this!

  2. So glad you got it fixed! I was missing pictures of your adorables! Love that new header BTW. Great shots as always.

  3. I was wondering where you'd been! Glad you got to havea visit with your brother :) I think running from that alligator would be cardio enough!