Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas - Halsey Style

Ah hem....

On the 23rd of December my IMac decided not to turn on (Boo!) and I got the flu (Big Boo!).... so I haven't been able to edit anything. These were essentially just snap shots from Christmas just so you know we survived and had a Wonderful time with Grammy and Grampy...

This was the 24th at about 10:00

These are the darling smiles of 2 sweet little people that don't want to be bothered with a picture

Campbell got lots of goodies under the tree

Creighton loves his plastic hungry hippos

Grammy and Grampy (don't kill me) in their jammies watching the magic unfold

The kids watching a video we recorded of the chaos for Daddy

Campbell trying to master the point and shoot Santa brought

Elmo banished to the other room (so sad : ( )

Christmas Moose

Happy Little Man

And Happy Little Girl

A wonderful magical Christmas

And now the Post-Christmas Blues have set in...


  1. These are so cute! What a fun Christmas :)

  2. Cassie - I always love looking at your pics! Miss you girl!

  3. As always, beautiful pictures! So sorry you had the flu just before though. Has been going around here also. Hope you are feeling much better! And Grammy and Grampy look great! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Bridget

  4. The flu in the bubble?! I didn't know that could happen. So glad you guys had a great Christmas; I'm praying that you all have a healthy and happy new year, and lets get together sometime soon! I miss all of your smiling faces!

  5. Wonderful shots! Sorry about the flu and your computer troubles.

    It looks like everyone had a great time. I can imagine how much your family must be missing your hubby. I hope he had as good of a Christmas as possible too. Love that you are sending him video of the day.

  6. Beautiful as always! I hope you feeling better soon. Looks like a bunch of happy little faces there! Happy New Year!

  7. So sorry you were sick! It looks like a great Christmas though. The first photo of your living room with the tree is great. How did you get such wonderful colors and light? The dog is adorable too! Great photos all the way around.

  8. Those are just unedited snapshots?? Wow...I wish my "snapshots" looked even 1/4 as great as those!

  9. Those are the best Christmas pictures I have seen to date. Lovely, I adore such vivid colors!