Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Story In Photos - Things I LOVE

This week at I ❤ Faces, it's My Story in Photos Week - THINGS I LOVE EDITION. I took my time this week in getting this posted. I am finding that I love a lot of things. I have photos for some things and just WORDS for others.

I love...

My Family.

I love when I'm welcoming my husband home (instead of kissing him goodbye).

I love using my tripod to create goofy photos of me and my children.

I love fall and RED and decorating my house!! I love texture, patterns and the smell of candles burning in my home, especially "Mulled Cider" from Walmart! Mmmmmmm..... so yummy!

I love my new Fall purse and shoes ...

I L.O.V.E. my last name!

I love the beach.

I love my camera, my lenses and my MAC!!!

I love new sheets for every season! I love a well pillowed bed. (I love to sleep too!)

I love decorating.
I love watching or listening to the news!!
I love Babies! (Although I hate being pregnant : ) )
I love Diet Coke very, very much. Especially from McDonalds or Quick Trip!
I love my Dog. Also fondly referred to as "The Furry Beast that lives in my back yard".

I love learning.


What do you love?


  1. Cassie, I LOVE all these pictures! I wish you lived closer so that I can have you take some pictures of my family. It is so funny, but #1 I remembered that you LOVE Diet Coke (you always had one in high school and at MSU in New Hall) and #2 So many of the things you love are on my top list as well (I really love your doggy. He/She is super cute!) Keep on posting those beautiful pictures! Katie Hawkins Jeffries

  2. I'm waiting for my new 24'' mac to arrive.. I'm so excited! I love your taste in decor, it's exactly how I want to decorate my house when I have one :) And your doggie is soo cute! I just wanna hug him/her up!

  3. I really love your entry. This furry beast whom lives in your backyard is very cute, I must say.

  4. Catherine,

    What a beautiful post. Your home is beautiful and I love the picture on the table with the cupcakes!!


  5. I can see why these are all your favorite things. Love this week's entry.

  6. I love, love, love that you are happy!!!


  7. Oh your list is not only great . . . its beautiful :-) I love it!!

  8. I can definitely relate to the second photo. =) Will you please come to my house and teach me a thing or two about interior decorating? LOL I love the way your living room and bedroom are set up. Love the vibrant colors, too.

    Your favorites are all fabulous!

  9. What wonderful things to love, you definitly have a knack for decorating your home looks beautiful. I also did my things I love.
    check it out.

  10. I love your posts. I have never seen one that I did not love. And I love your photography. And I LOVE your little girls pigtails : ) I also love your welcome home cupcakes. You are the coolest Mommy ever!

  11. All wonderful things to love! You are so great at so many things. Sure wish that we were closer :)