Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My daddy is a soldier
he’s often gone away
to some far off country
where he has to stay.
I really miss my daddy
and I’m not sure what he does
except he helps other people
who need him very much.
At night when I say my prayers
I ask to keep daddy safe
so that he can come home to us
and sit in his favourite place.
Some nights I can hear mommy cry
when she thinks I’m asleep
I know she misses daddy
and her sadness hurts real deep.
I know that a day may come
when daddy won’t come home
and it scares me even thinking
that we will be alone.
My daddy is a soldier
he’s often gone away
And I am so very proud of him
each and every day.
Come home to us daddy
When your job is done
I know that those people needed you
But they aren’t the only ones.


  1. How sweet! May God Bless our troops and all the fathers who are serving our country!

    ps. thanx for the info on the website stuff and pointing me in the right direction! Your new site looks fantastic!

  2. What a beautiful care and poem. Very sweet.