Sunday, April 19, 2009

For Daddy

When he goes to training exercises he rarely has access to the internet. Usually I don't post pictures while he's gone because I know he won't see them. Yesterday when we talked he said he broke away for a minute to check the blog and of course there was nothing new. Well, today... I will post pics of the sweet monkeys that love and adore and MISS him!

I wanted to get a shot of Campbell blowing dandelion fuzzies into the air. I love the shot, but I noticed that she added a little spit along with the wind. I am in love with my camera lens because of the detail it picks up!

And a somewhat rare shot of Creighton smiling because he's trying to grab my lens.

We miss you Daddy! Come home soon!


  1. These are very usual!! I bet they miss their daddy when he is away!

  2. Such beautiful, beautiful children : )
    I like the spit too.
    Impressive : )