Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grammy & Grampy Are Visiting

While Daddy is out of town we invited Grammy and Grampy to visit! Yesterday we played and read books and went in the yard to run with Elmo and generally had a great time! Here are a few shots. I think my parents wonder where I come up with the energy to chase after 2 kids while trying to sell a house and keep up with everything else.... but they did it when they were my age. It's so nice to have them visit!


  1. I'm a happy woman! I saw drool :)

    Beautiful pics as usual!!

  2. There she is!! That sweet girl on the Radio Flyer!!! :)

    Love the photos! Aren't grandmas and grandpas the best??


  3. Beautiful photos...as always. Love the photo of the dog...he/she looks so soft and cuddly : )

  4. Those are soooo awesome! Hope you enjoy the visit :)