Friday, January 23, 2009

Warm Day in January

For the most part we had a great time at the park.  I think poor Campbell is able to frown as well as I can and she's not shy to show her displeasure.  As far as Creighton... he's just happy to be free and running around.  He certainly has no fear.  The kids conquered the slides, the balance beam and the teeter-totter with my help (my quads are killing me)!  Once the spring is finally here we'll be living outside.


  1. Your photographs are stunning, TRULY! WOW, I would like to take a photoshop class, I know about 3 things in that program. haha Good work, thanks for your comment at one of our blogs!

  2. Beautiful photos, Catherine! What a great, rare January day to play outside. I love them all, but the first one where they're holding hands and walking away together is especially lovely. I'd get this one big and hang it my wall if I were you!! Beautiful photoshop work and heart-touching photo of your precious little ones!