Sunday, January 18, 2009

Loving this Family!

We went to visit Nana and Papa this weekend.  Craig and I went to check out homes in KC and then we drove all the way to Ft. Riley to see how far away it is from "the city".  The whole time we just talked about the kids and how blessed we are to have such an incredible family and how nice it is to have extended family nice and close right now.  What a wonderful impact the grandparents have on the kids!  Here are some random pictures I've collected.  Nana made a wonderful meal and I took pictures partly because I have no culinary talent what-so-ever and partly because I always love the pictures I see on other peoples blogs of food... it makes me secretly want to cook.  Also, Nana made 3 tutus and 2 bows.  If I the sewing talent that she had... I'd own a store and sell these cute little necessities.  Anyway, Karie... your tutu will be in the mail on tuesday with the software.  You will love it!  Pictures will be posted soon.

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